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Board of Directors


The Board of Directors has responsibilities to protect the interest of the Company's shareholders over long term.

The Board of Directors provide direction / guidance to the management, review performance and ensure ongoing compliances to protect long-term interest of the shareholders. Apart from its primary role of setting corporate goals and monitoring corporate performance, it directs and guides the activities of the Management towards the set goals and seeks accountability with a view to ensure that the corporate philosophy and mission viz., to provide secured housing finance at an affordable cost, maximizing shareholders’ value with higher customer sensitivity, is accomplished. The Board members ensure that their other engagements and preoccupations do not affect their responsibilities as Directors of the Company.

The items placed at the meetings of the Board include the following :

  • business plan, budgets (sanction & disbursement) and updates / reviews thereof;

  • revenue and capital budgets and updates / reviews thereof;

  • status of NPA and updates / reviews thereof;

  • fund raising programme of the Company;

  • status of swap trades / transactions;

  • outstanding term loan / borrowings;

  • risk management review;

  • asset liability management updates / reviews thereof;

  • the unaudited quarterly and the audited financial annual accounts of the Company on both stand alone and consolidated basis;

  • internal control systems, compliance of all laws applicable to the Company including the requirement of the Listing Agreement with the Stock Exchanges;

  • proposal for joint venture;

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