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Board of Directors

The items placed at the meetings of the Board include the following :

  • delegation of financial powers to the management;

  • productivity linked incentive, recruitment etc;

  • future plans and other decisions / changes of significant importance of price sensitive nature;

  • status report on the implementation of decisions taken at the Board meetings;

  • report on investor grievances, shareholding pattern and secretarial audit reports;

  • Review of subsidiary companies performance.

  • Significant changes in policies and internal controls.

The Directors take active part in every deliberation to enable the Company to take informed decisions. The Company benefits from their expertise in respective fields. The Board Members ensure that their other responsibilities do not affect their responsibilities as a Director of the Company.

Board Meetings  

As required by statute, the Board meets at least once in a quarter to review quarterly financial results. The Board meeting is also convened as and when required depending on the urgency of the matter.

The meetings of the Board of Directors are scheduled in advance. The detailed agenda and other relevant notes are circulated to the Directors well in advance. Members of senior management team also attend the meetings to provide additional information and clarification if required. The Directors may suggest additional item for deliberation. Members of the senior management team also attend the meetings to provide additional information and clarification. During 2014-15, six Board meetings were held.

A Sitting Fee of Rs.20,000/- is paid to the Independent Directors (other than Shri Surya Kumar Roy, Chairman; Shri S. B. Mainak, Non-Executive Director and Ms. Sunita Sharma, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer) for every Board Meetings attended by them.


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