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Board of Directors


Sr. No. Name of the Directors Designation
1 Shri M. R. Kumar Chairman
2 Shri Hemant Bhargava Nominee Director
3 Shri Jagdish Capoor Independent Director
4 Ms. Savita Singh Independent Director
5 Shri P Koteswara Rao Non Independent Director
6 Dr. Dharmendra Bhandari Independent Director
7 Shri V. K. Kukreja Independent Director
8 Shri Ameet Patel Independent Director
9 Shri Kashi Prasad Khandelwal Additional Independent Director
11 Shri Sanjay Kumar Khemani Additional Non- Independent Director
11 Shri Vinay Shah Managing Director and CEO


Sr. No. Name of the Executives Designation
1 Mr. Siddhartha Mohanty Chief Operating Officer
2 Mr. Nitin K. Jage General Manager (Taxation) & Company Secretary
3 Mr. Rajiv Gupta General Manager (IT & Risk Management)
4 Mr. Judhajit Sen General Manager (Project Finance - Marketing & Credit Appraisal)
5 Mr. P Samal General Manager (Marketing - Retail & Corporate, Online Marketing, Portfolio Management & Market Research)
6 Mr. B K Unhelkar General Manager (Accounts)
7 Mr. Dipak Kumar Bardoloi General Manager (Legal & Audit)
8 Mr. Jaspal Singh General Manager (HR, OS & Estates)
9 Ms. Meenakshi Kumar General Manager (Subsidiary Monitoring & CRM)
10 Mr. Sudipto Sil Chief Financial Officer
11 Ms. Purti Y Samant Chief Manager (Compliance, Knowledge Management & Project Monitoring)
12 Mr. N Mahesh Chief Manager (Marketing - Retail & PR & Publicity)
13 Mr. Anup Kumar Dutt Chief Manager (Credit Appraisal – Retail)
14 Mr. J Sangameswar Chief Manager (Credit Monitoring – Core & Non-Core)


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