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Frequently Asked Questions
Ques. Where can the application form be accessed?
Ans. Application form can be downloaded from our website or can be collected from our authorized back offices as listed below.
Ques. Where can the application forms be submitted?
Ans. The application form can be submitted at any of our offices.
Ques. What are the possible modes of Deposit?
Ans. The deposit can be made via cheque/demand draft drawn in favour of “LIC Housing Finance Limited – Public Deposit A/c” and marked “Account Payee Only”. Deposit can also be made by electronic transfer. However, depositor is requested to confirm the bank details from Corporate Office, Mumbai before placing deposit.
Ques. Can the deposits be placed through brokers?
Ans. Deposits can be placed through brokers/ agents registered with the Company and also directly by the depositor.
Ques. What date is considered as the date of deposit?
Ans. The date of deposit shall be the date of credit of the cheque/demand draft/bank transfer to the bank account of the company.
Ques. Is PAN mandatory?
Ans. Yes, PAN number is mandatory and the depositors have to provide PAN card. No deposits would be accepted without PAN number.
Ques. What are the documents required for placing a deposit?
Ans. The Depositor has to submit identity proof and address proof along with the duly filled application form. The details of documents needed from other categories of persons are mentioned in fourth page of “SANCHAY” Public Deposit Application Form.
Ques. What is the duration of receiving Fixed Deposit Receipt?
Ans. As soon as the application forms along with required KYC documents are submitted to the service provider Datamatics Global Services Limited the Fixed Deposit Receipt would be dispatched within three weeks of receipt of documents.
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