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Press Releases Q4 FY 2015
LIC Housing Finance FY 2015 profit before tax up 15% to Rs 2101.94 crores
FY 2015 Individual Loan portfolio grows 19% to Rs 105630 crores
IQ4 Net Profit Rs.378.18 crores
TQ4 Net Interest Income up by 22%
Q4 Individual Loan Disbursements up by 24%
Board proposes 250% dividend

Mumbai, April 18, 2015: LIC Housing Finance announced its audited results for the year ended March 2015, following its approval by the Board of Directors in a meeting held in Mumbai today.

Performance Highlights – Q4 FY 2015

(Figures in Rs. crores)

  Quarter Ended March 2015 Quarter Ended March 2014 Variation
Income from operations 2832 2443 16%
Total Income incl other income 2861 2478 15%
Net Interest Income 650 533 22%
Profit before tax 575.29 521.58 10%
Net profit after tax before adjustment of Deferred Tax Liability on Special Reserve 408.71 370.02 10%
Individual Loan Portfolio 105630 88559 19%
Gross NPA % 0.46% 0.67%  
Net NPA % 0.22% 0.39%  

1 crore =10 million

The company recorded a strong growth in Loan disbursements for Q4 FY15. Total disbursements grew at 23% to Rs. 9938 cr. Individual Loan disbursements was Rs 9550 cr, a growth of 24% as compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

The company's total income for Q4 FY15 was Rs.2861 crores as against Rs. 2478 crores during the same period previous year, a growth of 15%. Income from operations grew 16% from Rs. 2443 crores to Rs. 2832 crores. Net Interest Income was Rs 650 cr, registering a growth of 22% over the same period last year. Profit before Tax for the quarter was Rs.575.29 cr a growth of 10% over the same period in the previous year.

Net profit after tax before adjustment of Deferred Tax Liability on Special Reserves stood at Rs.408.71 Cr showing a growth of 10% when compared to the corresponding quarter of the last year.

During the quarter, the company has provided Rs. 30.53 crore as Deferred Tax Liability on Special Reserves in accordance with the National Housing Bank circular Ref. NHB(ND)/DRS/Pol.Circular No 62/2014 dated 27.5.2014. After providing for the abovementioned Deferred Tax Liability of Rs.30.53 crore, the Net Profit for the quarter stood at Rs.378.18 crore as against Rs 370.02 crore for the corresponding period last year,

Net Interest Margins for the Q4 FY15 stood at 2.47% as against 2.40% for Q4 FY14.

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