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Subsidiary Companies

1. LICHFL Asset Management Company Limited

LICHFL Asset management Company Limited was incorporated on 14th February, 2008. LICHFL Asset Management Company Limited acts as an Investment Manager with Competent and Professional Management team.

At Present, it is acting as the Investment Manager of “LICHFL Urban Development Fund”, a Venture Capital Fund with focus on mid income housing and Income yielding micro infrastructure assets. The LICHFL Urban Development Fund is sponsored by LIC Housing Finance Limited and co-sponsored by LIC of India.

2. LICHFL Financial Services Limited

LICHFL Financial Services Limited was incorporated on 31st October, 2007 for undertaking non fund based activities like marketing of housing loans, insurance products, credit card, mutual funds, Pension Schemes etc.

The Company is actively providing multiple financial solutions for every customer segment through its territory offices spread across the Country.

3. LICHFL Trustee Company Private Limited

LICHFL Trustee Company Private Limited was incorporated on 5th March, 2008 for undertaking the business of trustees of venture capital trusts and funds.

The Company is currently providing Trusteeship services to the Venture Capital Fund namely “LICHFL Urban Development Fund” managed by LICHFL Asset Management Company Limited.

4. LICHFL Care Homes Limited

LICHFL Care Homes Limited was incorporated on 11th September, 2001 to establish and operate assisted community living centres for Senior Citizens.

It has established Care Homes under two Projects in Bengaluru and another one in Bhubaneswar is nearing Completion. LICHFL Care Homes Limited is also developing a Senior Living project at Vasind in collaboration with TATA value Homes Limited.

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